Pure tropical juices

blended with english apple juice

with no added sugar and never from concentrate

Our range of pure tropical 100% real fruit Alphonso Mango, Passion Fruit and Blood Oranges are blended with english apple juice, with no added sugar and never from concentrate.

The juices can be enjoyed on their own or as mixers in cocktails/mocktails.

Our purees can be used for creating sweet or savoury dishes, plus of course cocktails/mocktails too.

Our Rose Petal Confiture is made from the petals of the Rosa Rugosa to give a fresh, floral & assertive character, complementing strong, savoury & sweet flavours. Great with cheese, game, ice cream & sparkling wine.



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  • Rose Petal Confiture

    Rose Petal Confiture

    rose petals

  • Blood Orange Juice

    Blood Orange Juice


  • Passion Fruit Puree

    Passion Fruit Puree

    passion fruit, purees

  • Alphonso Mango Puree

    Alphonso Mango Puree

    alphonso mango, purees

  • Apple & Alphonso Mango Juice

    Apple & Alphonso Mango Juice

    alphonso mango, english apples, juices

  • Apple & Passion Fruit Juice

    Apple & Passion Fruit Juice

    english apples, juices, passion fruit